The work I weave is made of the longest threads, spun throughout the times and dimensions, with devotion, care, passion, wisdom and spirit of service to the whole.
Even if only partaking in a small piece, this piece, still have the potency to reveal the entire tapestry.

words by raquel jesus

Raquel is an eager explorer of the embodiment arts.
A maker of life-giving gestures.
A caller of the innate healer in each of us.
A gatherer and transmitter of home-making skills - for the soul, for the body, the Earth and Nature.

She holds a background in Chi Kung (Zhan Zhuang, Ba Duan Jin), trauma healing (Somatic Experiencing®), and pre and perinatal embodied consciousness.

Raquel has been initiated into the Path of Pollen currently known as Lyceum, an ancient tradition of European Honeybee Shamanism taught by the Sacred Trust in the U.K.


Raquel is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner since 2013 and has engaged with the Neuroleadership Institute in advanced coaching skills (course accredited by the International Coach Federation).

As a chi kung facilitator, she practices and studies for more than ten years with Peter den Dekker. Peter den Dekker is the author of the book The Dynamics of Standing Still.

In the field of pre and perinatal consciousness, Raquel is an Integrative Baby Therapist. She finished her training with Conscious Embodiments back in 2017. She keeps on pursuing specialised training in the area of pre and perinatal psychology and relational neurobiology, in order to best support parents and babies.