standing like a tree

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The tree is the central motif of this chi kung summer weekend.

Still standing chi kung, also referred to as the art of standing like a tree, promotes a balanced way of standing in between the heaven and earth.

By way of archetypical postures, we will explore in our bodies the fundamental natural forces represented by the tree.
8 essential postures: root posture. trunk posture. earth posture. social posture. spreading posture. bud posture. flower posture. 
8 essential themes: centering. verticality. stability: gravity and anti-gravity forces. boundaries: defence and contact. reciprocity and equilibrium. growth. expression.
Besides the postural training, we will practice walking chi kung and engage in partner work with each other and with the trees.

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Within this context, our special guest teacher Chloë Monteiro, will share with us how we can use touch and pressure to remember the body to come back into balance and to allow the free flow of nature inside ourselves. What we see around us, we can feel inside.

This training makes available:
- simple, efficient and millennia-tested practices that you can integrate in your daily life
- resources which support health, rooted presence and resonant interaction with the surrounding world
- body listening skills
- two days of exploration on how to cultivate your natural self

This workshop unfolds both inside the Meditatietuin studio and outside in the park.

For registering or more information, please contact
Only after receiving your registration, I will return with the practical details. 

fee:180 euro (excl.vat), vegan delicious lunch included.

schedule: 10h00-17h00

location: De Meditatietuin, 
Amstelpark 6,  Amsterdam

More about our guest teacher: Chloë Monteiro is a Iokai Shiatsu Therapist and co-founder of De Meditatietuin. She offers private treatments and group events that create a bridge between our western society and the eastern understanding of life and nature.

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